Deliverables will be published here on the website when they have been finalised and approved.



WP1 Identification of Local Conditions and Requirements 

Requirements for public safety solutions

A description of the requirements for the development of the results of project IMPETUS (platform, specific solutions, frameworks).


October 2021

WP2 Platform Development and Test 

Platform specifications, architecture and testing

Methodology used for testing the platform architecture, how the test cases are developed, the way we plan to stress the platform capabilities with automatic stress testing.


September 2022

WP3 Secure Smart City Module Development

Detection tool development initial report

A high-level description of the nine tools that will constitute the IMPETUS integrated toolkit, covering the complete physical and cybersecurity value chain.

Detection tool development final report

A final report with a detailed description of the nine IMPETUS tools.


June 2021


April 2022

WP4 Data Analytics, Visualization and Access Control

Data analytics & ingestion-time access control initial report

The approaches and methodologies at the basis of big data analytics for anomaly detection and event classification to increase the safety and security of smart cities.

Data analytics & ingestion-time access control final report

The final version of the Big Data solution focusing on the integration between the data governance approach for data management and protection, and the analytics algorithms and pipelines for anomaly detection and event classification.

Interface design & BigData visualisation

An introduction to the User Interface (UI) for the IMPETUS platform.


September 2021


June 2022

July 2022

WP5 Ethical Framework and Data Privacy

Ethical framework

Practical advice about ethical, legal and data privacy issues that may arise when using advanced technological solutions to collect, analyse and manipulate data insecurity operations.

Mechanisms to preserve privacy in the secure smart city

The different privacy challenges within a smart city, presents main privacy enhancing technologies and points-out their suitability to the different tools developed in IMPETUS.


October 2021


October 2021

WP6 Platform in Operations

Envisioning future evolutions

This deliverable aims to create awareness of the trending technologies which might impact security and smart city solutions, especially in the near future, including for the infrastructure and technologies underlying the IMPETUS platform solutions.


December 2022

WP7 Platform Validation

Acceptance pilot report

An overview of what happened before and during the Acceptance Pilots in Oslo and Padova and, moreover, feedback collected on the field (mainly from the end users).

Report on the use of technical platform in pilots

An overview of what happened before and during the Live Exercises in pilot cities Oslo and Padova and, moreover, feedback collected during the exercises.


February 2022


November 2022


WP8 Communication, Dissemination and Ecosystem Development

Communication and dissemination report 1

The progress in implementing communication and dissemination of project outputs 1 year into the project, and provides comprehensive analytics of social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and the IMPETUS website.

Communication and dissemination report 2

The progress in implementing communication and dissemination of project outputs and provides comprehensive analytics of social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and the IMPETUS website towards the end of the project's duration.

Ecosystem report

An overview of identified stakeholders revolving around IMPETUS solutions, of the actions taken to build an industrial ecosystem and their result, and also of the feedbacks they provided during the industry workshops conducted after the Oslo and Padova pilots.

External collaboration report

A description of external collaboration’s impact on the IMPETUS project, what collaboration contributed to the project, and how effective the collaboration approach worked within IMPETUS. The report also describes the challenges and lessons learned in implementing COSSEC as the primary collaboration approach.


October 2021


February 2023

December 2022

January 2023

WP9 Exploitation and Upscaling

Business cases

A reference for prospective cities that may be interested in the adoption and implementation of the IMPETUS solution, and provide a foundation to evaluate the relative costs and benefits.

Standardization report

The various ICT standards linked with the IMPETUS project that are already developed or being developed by European SDOs and other global SDOs. The purpose of this report is to align the IMPETUS partners on relevant standards that are linked with their technologies in European and global market.


August 2022


December 2022


WP10 Management

Final Report

Societal Impact Report


February 2023

February 2023