IMPETUS Written Consent Form



Intelligent Management of Processes, Ethics and Technology for Urban Safety

A Research and Innovation Action in Horizon 2020, Secure Societies
(Grant number: 883286)


I have read and understood the details of the research as explained in the IMPETUS written information letter for participants.

I have been informed that:

  • Information about the participants and the data collected will be treated in full confidentiality and will be registered and stored in a secure manner
  • Only authorized personnel involved in the project will have access to the collected data
  • No personally identifiable information will be published in any way
  • Data that is not identifiable with a particular person, may be made publicly available and used for research purposes in IMPETUS and other research projects
  • The results of this study may be used for publication purposes and for future acquisition
  • I have the right to see and challenge the accuracy of the data collected from me under this specific consent
  • I can withdraw from the study at any time without any obligation to explain my reasons for doing so, and any data collected about me will be deleted at that time
  • I will not be asked to provide sensitive information and I am under no obligation whatsoever to provide it or explain my reasons for not doing so; such information might be unintentionally collected if provided voluntarily.

Audio recordings, video recordings or pictures taken of me during the study can only be used in research or other publications with my explicit consent. If I wish to provide any such explicit consent, I will be invited to do so in a separate consent form listing the specific audio, video or photo items for which I give consent.

Participants can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) at any time to raise any concerns about use of data.  (Contact details are provided in the information letter provided).

I confirm that I consent to participate in the study and that my participation is entirely voluntary.