This web survey is about your views and concerns on the use of technology to gather data from you in order to provide protection services in your city.

Results will be made available as the project progresses: 

1) Preliminary results were made available during Jelena Radsevic's presentation at the CBI TIEMS Conference (11 November 2021): View now.


This survey is being carried out as part of the IMPETUS project, an EU-funded research and innovation project aiming to enhance the resilience of cities in the face of security threats in public spaces.  You can find more information about IMPETUS here

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary.  We have prepared a short Consent Form that explains the voluntary nature of participation, and conditions associated with it.  We invite you to review it. Note that the part of the Consent Form about audio/video recordings and photos is not relevant in this case, no recordings will be made and no photos will be taken.

The survey consists of 15 questions.  The estimated time to respond to all questions is approximately 5 minutes.

Click on flag representing your preferred language with which to respond to the survey questions.